SAHTA Board of Directors
Eugene Smith (Chairperson)
Johan Kritzinger
Quinton Nortje
Ken Dodds

The South African Honeybush Tea Association (SAHTA) is the representative body formed in 1999 to coordinate activities in the industry (it was originally known as the South African Honeybush Producers Association). SAHTA became an Article 21 Company on 27 May 2009. Its directors are elected from producers, processors; nursery men and BEE partners.

SAHTA aims to promote a competitive and profitable honeybush industry in South Africa, and also promotes equal entry and participation in the industry and the sustainable use of environmental resources. SAHTA assist with a wide variety of needs in the industry, including:
  • Regulate, control and promote the cultivation, sale and export of honeybush tea
  • Help to distribute and sell plant material and processed products
  • Promote biodiversity-friendly farming practices and nature conservation
  • Gather and disseminate market information
  • Promote and support product and production research
SAHTA identified the following requirements for growth of the industry:
  • Reliable supply of raw and processed product
  • Reliable standards and consistent product quality
  • Consumer education in use of honeybush tea
  • Marketing campaign for honeybush tea
Any South African citizen or company with a commercial interest in the South African Honeybush value chain is welcome to join SAHTA. (Contact Us)

SAHTA Logo and Banner

The SAHTA Logo and Banner is available for use under the following conditions:
  • The applicant to use the SAHTA Logo and Banner must be a member of SAHTA unless special permission was given by the Board of Directors
  • The use of the SAHTA Logo and Banner must be according to SAHTA‚Äôs rules and regulations and the image SAHTA wants to reflect
  • To use the SAHTA Logo and Banner the applicant needs the permission of the SAHTA Board of Directors
  • To apply for the use of the SAHTA Logo and Banner please apply and motivate via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.