SAHTA - Lidmaatskap Aansoek / Membership Application

SAHTA - Lidmaatskap Aansoek / Membership Application
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09 January 2018

License Agreement

SAHTA Membership Preconditions
  1. If it is the first time you apply for membership (July till June of the following year) you may pay pro-rata for the remainder of the number of months left, counting the month in which you are applying as a full month. If you therefore apply in the month of December, as an example, irrespective of how many days left in December, you have to pay for 7 (seven) months, i.e. December till June, etc.
  2. You cannot apply the pro-rata principle for membership fees more than once, only when you join. The second year is a renewal and you have to pay in full or your membership will be cancelled.

SAHTA Management
I agree to the terms listed above
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