Growing and Production

Balancing cultivation and conservation

Currently (2023), approximately 70% of honeybush tea comes from wild harvesting, while the remaining portion is cultivated. Cultivated tea primarily originates from a select group of farmers with thriving honeybush plantations, as well as a few community-based projects in areas like Haarlem, Ericaville, Groendal, and Genadendal.

The industry is actively engaging small and emerging farmers in honeybush cultivation to meet growing demand while alleviating pressure on honeybush grown in the wild.

Responsible Growth

As a budding industry, the honeybush sector acknowledges its responsibility to embrace biodiversity-friendly farming practices. Prioritising sustainability, the honeybush industry aims for responsible growth while safeguarding the natural environment. Encapsulating the world of honeybush tea where tradition harmonises with innovation in every comforting cup of tea.