Where to buy honeybush

Kaukou Teas

  • Bulk fermented loose leaf Honeybush tea sold per kg.
  • Bulk green (or unfermented) loose leaf Honeybush tea sold per kg.
  • Fermented Honeybush tagless tea bags sold per 50 gram and 100 gram retail carton.
  • Green Honeybush tagless tea bags sold per 50 gram and 100 gram retail carton.

Cape Fynbos Tea

Our premium tea range is bagged, tagged and sealed in individual envelopes to ensure freshness in every tea bag. With fermented Honeybush tea, Green Honeybush tea and Rooibos tea we ensure a healthy option whatever your taste. We are the first Honeybush tea awarded the “Smart Choice” seal of approval by CANSA

Mandela Tea

Mandela Teas contain teas that are indigenous to South Africa: the much-loved honeybush, rooibos, and buchu. Antioxidant-rich, our teas  can help to promote a strong immune system, and keep your brain active and healthy.

Mandela Teas also contain an abundance of minerals essential to good health and wellbeing. Ranging from iron, potassium and calcium to magnesium and manganese, these minerals help prevent anaemia, correct fluid balance abnormalities, and encourage healthy bones.

Every ingredient in Mandela Tea is 100% organic.


This delicious tea is made from two ingredients that hold very powerful natural, nutritional properties. Sceletia Honeybush with Sceletium Tea is an energy boost in a cup, high in antioxidants, antiviral properties and flavour. Sceletium is a rare mood-enhancing, indigenous plant that has been used for natural remedies by the South African Khoisan for hundreds of years. We are also benefitting from its energy-boosting, stress-relieving and anti-depressant properties. 

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Eden Honeybush Tea

PROUDLY South African INDIGENOUS growers, producers and  distributors of honeybush tea

Infusing local Khoi and San herbal practices into our modern healthy lifestyle

Grown on the farm Bergplaas in Cape Agulhas and produced and distributed from George in the Garden Route